Saturday, November 21, 2015

Ram Nam japan kyom chod dhiya

Ram Nam japan kyom chod dhiya
(Why did you leave  chanting  name of Rama)

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(Hear this great song sung by the great MS - )

Raga  Behag
THala trithal

Ram nama  japan kyom  chod dhiyaa?

Why did you  leave   the chanting of name of Rama?


1.Krodh na choda, Joot na chodaa,
SAth vachan kyom   Chod Dhiya?

1.You  did not leave your anger, You did not leave  telling lies,
Why did you leave    telling   the good word?

2.Joote  jag n may  dhil lalachkar  ,
Asal  vachan kyom chod there ,

2.BY getting   attracted  by this  false world,
Why did you   leave telling the   real word?

3.Koudi ko khoob sambala,
Lal rathan  kyom chod dhiya?

3.You took  great care of a  simple paisa (shell),
But did not  bother about the   great  red gem?

4.Jinhi sumiran  they athi sukh  paave  ,
So sumiran kyom   chod dhiya?

4. It is that thought which  would give you  great pleasure ,
Why did you leave   that  thought?

5.Khalas  ek bhagawn BHarose ,
Than man  dhan   kyom  na chod dhiya?

5.You have done with   the belief  in God  ,
Why   did you not leave  body  , mind and wealth?

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