Saturday, April 29, 2017

Sri Ramanuja

On May   First   the Nation would be celebrating   the 1000th Jayanthi   of Saint   Ramanujachaya. Here is a Sanskrit Krithi on  him composed  by Meenakshi Sutha

Sri Ramanuja

Sri Meenakshi Suta

Translated by

 Raga  Sama-
Tala Adi

sri RamAnuja charanamboruham|
shirasa namAmyaham shubhakara charitham

With my head   I salute   the  lotus like   feet of Ramanuja,
Which   leads me to auspiciousness


parama purusham Adhisesha Dhara vesham,
parama vishishtadvaitha sara subodham
He is the divine person  who is the  incarnation of Adhi Sesha,
And the  one  taught us the essence   of the   divine  Visishtadvaitham


1.ubhaya kaveri rangapura nivasam ,
aBhaya pradayakam Ananda bhasam.
He lived in the   city of Sri Ranga  in between two branches oF Cauvery ,
He used   grant   us protection and used   to shine in joy.

2.sri vAishnavakula jalanidhi soma,
sri vara mInakshisutha vinutham
He is the moon   raising from the waters   of the  clan of Vaishnavas,
Says   the   blessed  Meenakshi Sutha with devotion

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