Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Thunbam nergayi yaaz eduthu

Thunbam nergayi yaaz eduthu

Bharathi dasan

Translated by


Raga Desh
THala Chatusra yekam.


Thubam nergayil yazhyeduthu nee,
Inbam erkka mattaya- emakku,
Inbam cherkka mattaya-Nal,
Anbila nenjil thamizhai padi nee,
Allal theerkka mattaya -kanne,
Allal theerkka mattaya

When sorrow strikes , won’t you take the harp,
And add sweetness to my life-Won’t you,
Add sweetness to me –Won’t you ,
Remove the pain in my heart bereft of love ,
By singing in Tamil, Darling,
Won’t you remove the pain.


Vanbum elimayum soozhum naatile ,
Vazhvil unarvu cherkka -Yem
Vazhvil unarvu cherkka -nee,
Andrai nathamizh kuttin murayinai,
Aadi katta mattaya -Kanne
Aadi katta mattaya.

In this world surrounded by meddling and simplicity,
For adding feelings to this life –for,
Adding feelings to my life –won’t you,
Dance the steps of ancient Tamil dance-darling
Won’t you dance .


1.Aram ithu yendru yam maram ithu yendrume,
Arikilatha pothu -yam,
Arikilatha pothu-tamiz,
Iraivanarin thiru kural ile oru,
“nandrikku vithagum nalozhukkam-thee yozhukkam,
Yendrum idumbai tharum”,
Iraivanarin thiru kuralile oru chol,
Iyambi katta mattaya –nee,
A ndrai nattamizh kuttin murayinai,
Aadikatta mattaya-kanne
Aadi katta mattaya.

When we did not know ,
What is right and what is heroic,
When we did not know the stanza,
From the thirukkural of the divine poet,
“Good conduct is the base of goodness-and bad conduct,
Would always result in bad things,”
Would you not tell me one word,
From the thirukkural of the divine poet, won’t you,
Dance the steps of ancient tamil dance-darling
Won’t you dance .

2.Puram ithu yendrum nallathu ithu yendrume,
Pulavar kanda noolin –thamizh ,
Pulavar kanda noolin ,
Iraivanarin thiru kurali ile oru chol,
Iyambi kkatta mattaya –nee
Iyambi katta mattaya ,
Thiramai katti unai eendra yem uyir,
Chelvamaga mattaya –Thamizh
Chelvamaga mattaya-kanne.

From the book founded by great poets,
Mentioning what is bad and what is good ,
From the Tamil book found by great poets,
Won’t you tell me one word,
From the thirukkral of the divine poet
Won’t you tell me one word ,
And show your capability and become ,
Wealth to this soul that begot you ,
Won’t you become the Tamil wealth-Oh darling.

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  1. So pretty ful!!
    I listened to the version sung by OS Arun, may I ask about some small differences between the pronunciation?

    For example, in the Pallavi, alla threeka maataaya. But he sings allalerka maataya. Is it because one needs to sing the words that way?