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English Translation of abhangs of Sage Thukaram

English Translation of abhangs  of  Sage  Thukaram

 Abhangs  are sung in Carnatic Music concerts  for the past  several  years. These  are mainly  devotion dripped  poems written in Marathi. Though  the audience listen  to them with  great rapture, most of them do not  understand the meaning of these  great works. Since I  do not know Marathi, I have been requesting my Maharashtrian friends to help me  to give the translation of at least  few Abhangs  so that I can help the south Indian audience  .At last I found my  friend Anil.G.Joshi  who has translated  ten of the great Abhangs of  Saint Thukaram. Sant Tukaram (1577–1650) was a prominent Varkari Sant and spiritual poet of the Bhakti. He is often referred to with an honorific, Sant Tukaram. Sant Tukaram was a devotee of Vitthala or Vithoba, a form of God Vishnu.


About Anil.G.Joshi
Biographical Work Experience of Mr. Anil G. Joshi   *
Director AnAscent Academy, Nagpur;
Is an Engineer with over 37 years of experience.
Did his M. Sc (Physics) from Nagpur University
& M.Tech from IIT Bombay.
Has Work experience of 22 Years in Industry.
Lead Auditor for ISO 9001, 14001 & 27001;
Registered with IRCA U. K, as QMS Lead Auditor;
& as “QMS Principal Consultant” with NABET, QCI.
During last 14 years has provided consultancy to various companies of repute.
He was a visiting faculty for MBA courses. Conducts programs for corporate executives on various Technical and Managerial topics. He is a Life Fellow of Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers (IETE) and was Chairman of Nagpur Centre and Aurangabad Sub-Centre.
Made valuable contributions as Member of Governing Body as well as Member of Board of Studies and Technical Committees of Educational Institutes.
Has publications to his credit including the TWO in the International Journal for Quality & Reliability Management (UK). Identified Key Shlokas as “Shri Gurucharitra Paragkan”; translated Sri Shankaracharya’s Bhaj Govindam [Moha-Mudgara] from Sanskrit to Marathi [Padyanuwaad] and translated few popular Sant Tukaram Abhang to English.


  1. Thank you very much for translating these Abhangas and for uploading them, so that we can understand and appreciate them! Looking forward to more such great work!

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  5. Request to Mr Anil sir to translate almost all abhang in marathi & english as these Abhangas are very useful while living our daily life. the work u have done above is very very great & one can easily take them in. so please convert as many as u can.

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